Tamboril Espinoso, a silent guardian

🐟💙 These amazing creatures live in the dark, cold depths of the oceans, where their fragile ecosystem is vulnerable to fishing excessive and habitat destruction. This design reflects the essence of a silent guardian and an emblem of marine life in the Canary Islands. Each stroke is a tribute to its unique beauty and a […]

Beatriz Hernández

Born in La Orotava, Tenerife 1988 She is an illustrator and graphic artist. She graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Seville in 2011 in the specialty of painting, she completed her studies by completing a Master’s Degree in Art, Idea and Production in this same faculty. She has studied intaglio engraving and lithography […]

‘Cálida Calma’ by Eliezer Mayor

There are people that feel so good and relaxed on those hot hazy days. They are brought to a certain serenity and peace of mind. Beautiful new addition to our collection, 100% organic cotton T-shirt raw white colour.

‘Queso Cabra’ by Tania Coello

New piece of art by our collaborative artist Tania Coello. Based on the Canary Islands’ goat and its delicious fresh cheese. Flavour, tradition and art. 100% organic cotton T-shirt Unisex cut bone white colour.

Laura Garrido

This illustrator and teacher began to participate in craft and art fairs while studying the Higher Degree in Illustration at the Fernando Estévez School of Art and Higher Design in Tenerife, an experience that helped her have a first contact with the professional world of illustration, as well as meet other colleagues in the profession. […]

Marie de la Rue

Born in Tenerife on April 2, 1994, María López, better known as Marie de la Rue or “La rue art”, left her island to move to France, working on new ideas and deepening her own drawing style. From a very young age she was seduced by the world art, in many of its forms. In […]

Tania Coello

All that time spent as a child observing, listening and discovering that the world in the solitude of her home island, it is used today to capture it in her works and illustrations. In love with nature, she recreates illustrations generally through the use of watercolor, through the magic that blows the imagination and the […]

Eliezer Mayor

Born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, February 1980. He discovered from a very young age his passion for drawing, and in a self-taught way he satisfied his concerns for art, especially illustration. He complemented his apprenticeship at the Fernando Estévez School of Art and Design, where he ended up specializing in Calcographic Engraving and Classical […]

Jonay Martín

Born in La Orotava, Santa Cruz Tenerife, he has always been attracted to the visual arts. Because of this, he entered the University of Fine Arts of La Laguna, Tenerife where he ended up graduating in the specialty of drawing. In the professional field he has worked on various projects related to graphic design, illustration […]

La Percha

Silvia Fernández de la Llave, AKA La Percha, a Canarian artist born in Tenerife. Her work based on nature and guided in some way by the female, feminine essence. In each of her works the projection of a deeper look into the interior and the inner self is appreciated. “I paint myself because I am […]